Rubén Martínez

Rubén Martínez

Head of research at La Hidra Cooperativa. Doctor in Political Science and Public Policy (UAB) and Master in Political Science. Member and co-founder of Cooperative Hydra, an associative project engaged in applied social research and analysis of the urban economy. He has participated as a researcher in European projects such as TRANSGOB focused on studies on urban governance and P2PValue research on community governance in the network. Co-author of books such as “Barrios y Crisis. Crisis económica, segregación urbana e innovación social“ (Tirant Humanidades, 2018) or “Rebeldías en común. Sobre comunales, nuevos comunes y economías cooperativas” (Libros en acción, 2017).


Barcelona: Mercat de les Flors

The future of the democratic city: eco-feminisms, commons and technology

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