Robin Teater

Robin Teater

As executive director of Healthy Democracy, Robin works to raise the voice of citizens in democracy and to improve the quality of public discourse for the benefit of all voters. Healthy Democracy’s flagship program, the Citizens’ Initiative Review, brings together panels of randomly selected representative citizens to evaluate electoral measures and provide voters with information they can trust. Its newest group of programs, Democracy as Community, works to improve citizens’ ability to maintain the tensions inherent in a diverse democratic society in a way that strengthens, rather than destroys, the civic community. Robin’s previous experience spans over three decades in nonprofit administration, most recently including tenures as Executive Director of the American Leadership Forum (ALF) of Oregon, and Executive Director of WorldTeach, an international NGO based at the Kennedy School of Government’s Center for International Development at Harvard University. Robin currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon USA.



Madrid: Medialab Prado

Referendum and deliberation: the experience of Oregon citizen panels in the United States

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