Cheikh Fall

Africtivistes and citizen hacktivist

“In some countries, the president is the strong man. He decide of all and for all. A president of the republic has much power. It would be a shame to choose him unwisely”

Cheikh Fall, 35 years, is a web project manager, web developer and blogger living in Senegal. He is a prominent blogger and Cyberactivist who initiated the #SUNU2012 (an online participative democracy project. ) platform to promote the transparency of the country’s presidential elections through media coverage and citizen reporting. He created the country’s first youth citizen web portal en 2010 Ruepublique.net. He was nominated to the Prix Net Citoyen NETIZEN2013, organized by Google and Reporters without borders. In 2014, I was also nominated by the Deutsch Welle for the Best Of Online Activism. He initiated the League of African activists and bloggers, AFRICTIVISTES, a civic tech and lab project that uses social media and ICT to promote democracy in Africa.




My Sessions

Distributed Democracy

Medialab Auditorio

The debate will address the decentralization, technological and geographical, of democratic participation

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