Benny Ng

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist

Benny, NG is a member of Demosisto, and the Open Culture Secretary of Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong. He graduated with a Master in Electronic Information Engineering from City University of Hong Kong in 2016. In the same year, he helped Mr. Nathan Law Kwun Chung in his election campaign during the Legislative Council election as his Election Manager – in which Mr. Law won with 50,818 votes and became the youngest elected lawmaker in Hong Kong history. After so many political incidents in Hong Kong, he understands that many people are losing faith in democracy. As a supporter of democracy since he was little, it was only during the Umbrella Movement that he got his political enlightenment, and the Movement triggered him to become a real active participant in the fight for democracy. He believes that his knowledge in technology can help enhance civil participation in Hong Kong society, and help the public regain its faith in the political system that we know is the best, and most legitimate one.

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